DJ Dates


My teaching style includes Team Based Learning, Game Based Learning, and lots of props and demonstrations.

I currently teach...

CRST1010 Computer Hardware (4 cr)
CRST1030 Operating Systems (4 cr)
CRST2040 System Configuration and Maintenance (4 cr)
CSIT2400 Database Systems (3 cr)
CSNS2620 Fundamentals of Information Assurance (3 cr)
GAME1010 Fundamentals of Game Design (3 cr)

I have previously taught...

ARTS2550 Web Design (3 cr)
CSCS1200 Computer Essentials (4 cr)
CSIT1390 Computer Literacy and Applications (4 cr)
CSNT1200 Introduction to Networks (4 cr)
CSWT2620 Server-Web Programming (3 cr)


  • Team Based Learning Collaborative 2021. Using a custom discord chat bot for asynchronous team based learning. Team Based Learning Collaborative Annual Meeting.
  • CCC Sustainability Grant 2018, Developed SUNY CCC Learn to Solder badge.
  • CUNY Games Festival 2016, New York City, presented “Using games and game components to teach number systems and computer concepts”
  • Innovations 2015, Boston, MA, presented “Security and Education: Collaborative Modular Approach to Embedding Security Concepts”


  • SUNY CCC Ann Marie Rossi ‘76 Alumni Employee Award recipient, 2019, for ongoing commitment to the institution