DJ Dates


My teaching style includes Team Based Learning, Game Based Learning, and lots of props and demonstrations.

For computer majors, I have taught....
ARTS2550 Web Design (3 cr)
CSCS1200 Computer Essentials (4 cr)
CSIT2400 Database Systems (3 cr)
CSRT1010 Computer Hardware (4 cr)
CSWT1200 Web Fundamentals (3 cr)
CSWT2620 Server-Web Programming (3 cr)

For non-computer majors, I have taught a variety of computer literacy and office application courses (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access).


Between 2009 and 2012, I created a number of instructional videos on YouTube. I also created several free instructional resources, such as the Binary Decoder Wheel and Paper Data Models.


  • Innovations 2015, Boston, MA, presented “Security and Education: Collaborative Modular Approach to Embedding Security Concepts”
  • 2016 CUNY Games Festival, New York City, presented “Using games and game components to teach number systems and computer concepts”