DJ Dates


Fall 2013

Hi Guys! This is my schedule for the Spring 2014 semester. Syllabi and assignments can be found in Blackboard if you are an enrolled student. If you have any questions, please email me. If you wish to meet with me, please stop by during my office hours or email me so we can set up a time that would work for both of us.

Office Hours: Mon: 2-3; Tue: 8:30-9:30; Wed: 2-3; Thu: 9:30-10:30; Fri: 9:40-10:40, 1-2

I usually teach the following courses:

For non-computer majors:
CSIT1390 Computer Literacy and Microcomputer Applications (Fall, Spring)
CSST1031 Introduction to the Graphical User Interface (as assigned)
CSST1051 Introduction to Spreadsheets (as assigned)
CSST1091 Introduction to Presentation Graphics (Fall, Spring)
CSST1101 Microcomputer Database Concepts (as assigned)
CSST1161 Introduction to the Internet (as assigned)

For computer majors:
CSCS1200 Computer Essentials (Fall, Spring)
CSIT2400 Database Systems (Fall)
CSWT2620 Server-Web Programming (Spring)