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Laptop Glasses for laptop use in bright sunlight

A rugged indoorsman like myself is well aware of the hostility of the sun, especially when one is trying to work outside with a laptop.

Long ago, Eskimos managed to solve this problem, without even having the glare of a laptop screen to kvetch about.

This gentleman adapted the ancient idea, using construction paper to create narrow slits to block out the sun so he could see his laptop screen when out of doors.

I went just a little further, adding polarized lenses rotated to match the polarization of my laptop. This slightly reduces the glare. The main effectiveness is still achieved by the narrow eye slits.

While altogether very useful, I would not recommend them for anyone who suffers from paranoia. No, not because people might laugh at you. They will, definitely. Rather, these glasses severely reduce your peripheral vision, causing random unexplained and unseen noises to likewise reduce your sanity.

Laptop Glasses (facing)

Laptop Glasses (reverse)

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